States and Curves of Five-Dimensional Gauged Supergravity

Research paper by I. Bakas, K. Sfetsos

Indexed on: 19 Jan '00Published on: 19 Jan '00Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We consider the sector of N=8 five-dimensional gauged supergravity with non-trivial scalar fields in the coset space SL(6,R)/SO(6), plus the metric. We find that the most general supersymmetric solution is parametrized by six real moduli and analyze its properties using the theory of algebraic curves. In the generic case, where no continuous subgroup of the original SO(6) symmetry remains unbroken, the algebraic curve of the corresponding solution is a Riemann surface of genus seven. When some cycles shrink to zero size the symmetry group is enhanced, whereas the genus of the Riemann surface is lowered accordingly. The uniformization of the curves is carried out explicitly and yields various supersymmetric configurations in terms of elliptic functions. We also analyze the ten-dimensional type-IIB supergravity origin of our solutions and show that they represent the gravitational field of a large number of D3-branes continuously distributed on hyper-surfaces embedded in the six-dimensional space transverse to the branes. The spectra of massless scalar and graviton excitations are also studied on these backgrounds by casting the associated differential equations into Schrodinger equations with non-trivial potentials. The potentials are found to be of Calogero type, rational or elliptic, depending on the background configuration that is used.