State of inertia: psychological preparation of single Australian and UK baby boomer women for retirement housing change.

Research paper by Foula Z FZ Kopanidis, Linda J LJ Robinson, Mike M Reid

Indexed on: 12 Jun '14Published on: 12 Jun '14Published in: Journal of women & aging


The transition into retirement is an important life phase that presents significant challenges in respect to well-being, lifestyle, and consumption choices. This article examines the consumption context of housing after retirement, in particular for the low-resourced cohort of single baby boomer women. Utilizing an extended Theory of Planned Behavior model, we examine the relationship between intention and actual behavior, in this case financial advice seeking, as an important component of the psychological preparedness of single female baby boomer women. Our analysis showed both Australian and UK single baby boomer women display different behaviors in terms of seeking advice and their mental preparedness to adjust to a change in their living arrangements. The findings are discussed in terms of their implications for policy and further research.