Stark tuning of donor electron spins in silicon.

Research paper by F R FR Bradbury, A M AM Tyryshkin, Guillaume G Sabouret, Jeff J Bokor, Thomas T Schenkel, S A SA Lyon

Indexed on: 13 Dec '06Published on: 13 Dec '06Published in: Physical review letters


We report Stark shift measurements for 121Sb donor electron spins in silicon using pulsed electron spin resonance. Interdigitated metal gates on a Sb-implanted 28Si epilayer are used to apply the electric fields. Two quadratic Stark effects are resolved: a decrease of the hyperfine coupling between electron and nuclear spins of the donor and a decrease in electron Zeeman g factor. The hyperfine term prevails at magnetic fields of 0.35 T, while the g factor term is expected to dominate at higher magnetic fields. We discuss the results in the context of the Kane model quantum computer.