Stability of the centers of the symplectic groups rings $\matbb{Z}[Sp_{2n}(q)]$

Research paper by Safak Ozden

Indexed on: 11 Dec '18Published on: 11 Dec '18Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Representation Theory


We investigate the structure constants of the center $\mathcal{H}_n$ of the group algebra $Sp_{n}(q)$ over a finite field. The reflection length on the group $GL_{2n}(q)$ induces a filtration on the algebras $\mathcal{H}_n$. We prove that the structure constants of the associated filtered algebra $\mathcal{S}_n$ are independent of $n$. As a technical tool in the proof, we determine the growth of the centralizers under the embedding $Sp_m(q)\subset Sp_{m+l}(q)$ and we show that the index of the centralizer of $g\in Sp_m(q)$ in the centralizer of $g\in Sp_{m+k}$ is equal to $q^{2ld}|Sp_{r+l}(q)||Sp_{r}(q)|^{-1}$ for some $d$ and $r$ which are uniquely determined by the conjugacy class of $g$ in $GL_{2n}(q).$