σs-dependent overexpression offtsZ in anEscherichia coli K-12 rpoB mutant that is resistant to the division inhibitors DicB and DicF RNA

Research paper by Kaymeuang Cam, Alain Cuzange, Jean-Pierre Bouché

Indexed on: 01 Jul '95Published on: 01 Jul '95Published in: Molecular & general genetics : MGG


TheEscherichia coli genesdicF anddicB encode division inhibitors, which prevent the synthesis and activity, respectively, of the essential division protein FtsZ. A mutation at the C-terminal end of the RNA polymeraseβ subunit renders cells resistant to both inhibitors. In the mutant strain the level of theftsZ gene product is higher than in the wild type. Disruption ofrpoS, which encodes the stationary phase sigma factor σS, lowers FtsZ protein levels in the mutant, and partially restores sensitivity to the inhibitors.