Sr and Mn co-doped LaCuSO: A wide band gap oxide diluted magnetic semiconductor with TC around 200K

Research paper by Xiaojun Yang, Yuke Li, Chenyi Shen, Bingqi Si, Yunlei Sun, Qian Tao, Guanghan Cao Zhuan Xu, Fuchun Zhang

Indexed on: 24 Jul '13Published on: 24 Jul '13Published in: Physics - Materials Science


Here we report the synthesis of a bulk oxide diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) system La1-xSrxCu0.925Mn0.075SO (x=0, 0.025, 0.05, 0.075, and 0.1). As a wide band gap p-type oxide semiconductor, LaCuSO satisfies all the conditions forecasted theoretically to be a room temperature DMS. The Curie temperature (TC) is around 200K as x>0.05, which is among the highest TC record of known bulk DMS materials up to now. The system provides a rare example of oxide DMS system with p-type conduction, which is important for formation of high temperature spintronic devices.