SPM Bulletin 15

Research paper by Boaz Tsaban

Indexed on: 13 Dec '05Published on: 13 Dec '05Published in: Mathematics - General Topology


CONTENTS: On Selective screenability and examples of R. Pol. Workshops and conferences: The Oxford Conference on Topology and Computer Science in Honour of Peter Collins and Mike Reed; Boise Extravaganza In Set Theory (BEST2006). Research announcements: The isometry group of the Urysohn space as a Levy group; Chasing Silver; Disjoint Non-Free Subgoups of Abelian Groups; Characterizing metric spaces whose hyperspaces are absolute neighborhood retracts; A Vitali set can be homeomorphic to its complement; o-Boundedness of free objects over a Tychonoff space; On the consistency strength of the Milner-Sauer conjecture; Reconstruction of manifolds and subsets of normed spaces from subgroups of their homeomorphism groups; Reconstruction theorem for homeomorphism groups without small sets and non-shrinking functions of a normed space; Locally Moving Groups and the Reconstruction Problem for Chains and Circles; Divisibility of countable metric spaces; Pre-compact families of finite sets of integers and weakly null sequences in Banach spaces; A semifilter approach to selection principles II: tau^*-covers; Parametrizing the abstract Ellentuck theorem; A notion of selective ultrafilter corresponding to topological Ramsey spaces; Compact spaces generated by retractions; Gromov-Hausdorff ultrametric; Computing the complexity of the relation of isometry between separable Banach spaces; On some classes of Lindel\"of Sigma-spaces; On the depth of Boolean algebras. Problem of the Issue.