Spinal cord/brain injury and the neurogenic bladder.

Research paper by Seong Jin SJ Jeong, Sung Yong SY Cho, Seung-June SJ Oh

Indexed on: 20 Oct '10Published on: 20 Oct '10Published in: Urologic Clinics of North America


This article reviews neurogenic bladder related to traumatic injury as well as vascular lesion of brain/spinal cord. Because urological manifestations of traumatic or vascular brain/spinal cord injury are highly diversified and complex, the approaches to achieve accurate diagnosis and administer proper treatment can be complicated. The goal of primary treatment is preservation of renal function and attainment of social continence. Maintaining low intravesical pressure and adequate bladder emptying are central to the treatment strategy. Diagnosis and appropriate urological management of these disease entities should depend on urodynamic studies because of poor correlation between clinical symptoms or somatic neurologic signs and urodynamic findings.