Spin uncertainty relation under decoherence

Research paper by Arash Tirandaz, Afshin Shafiee

Indexed on: 06 Apr '16Published on: 05 Apr '16Published in: Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations


The evolution of a spin 1/2 particle subjected to a general Hamiltonian in interaction with its environment is considered. Using a new method, the exact solution of the spin-boson model for a general Hamiltonian is applied to investigate the dynamics of the open system. Born–Markov master equation in Caldeira–Leggett regime is used to derive an exact form of the expectation values of spin Pauli operators for a double-well potential. Subsequently, a definite form of spin uncertainty relation is calculated under the influence of the environment effects. Then, we scrutinize that how non-Unitary character of the evolution of open quantum systems can affect the traditional form of the spin uncertainty relation.