Spin Squeezing and Quantum Correlations

Research paper by A. R. Usha Devi, Sudha

Indexed on: 31 Dec '10Published on: 31 Dec '10Published in: Quantum Physics


Recent years have witnessed revolutionary improvement in the production, manipulation, characterization and quantification of multiatom (multiqubit) states - because of their promising applications in high precision atomic clocks, atomic interferrometry, quantum metrology and quantum information protocols. In the characterization and quantification of non-classical atomic correlations, two concepts namely, spin squeezing and quantum entanglement emerge. While spin squeezing originates from the uncertainty relation between atomic collective angular momentum operators, entanglement is a peculiar phenomena arising due to superpositions in the multiparticle Hilbert space. Here, we outline different quantitative measures of spin squeezing and discuss the intrinsic relation of spin squeezing with quantum entanglement in multiqubit systems.