Spin glass properties mapped by coercivity in ferromagnet/spin glass bilayers.

Research paper by Xiaodan X Chi, Ruijun R Li, Le L Yu, Huaihao H Kou, An A Du, Yan Y Liu, Yong Y Hu

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: Nanotechnology


We report a study on the spin glass (SG) anisotropy (KSG) and interfacial exchange coupling (JIF) dependent coercivity (HC) at ferromagnet (FM)/SG interface, based on modified Monte Carlo Metropolis algorithm. It is shown that KSG and JIF are interdependent while take effect on different magnetic degrees of freedom and different time scales, resulting in complicated HC behaviors. By means of a micromagnetic approximation approach, we analytically explained the HC behaviors with respect to KSG and JIF. The dynamic SG surplus magnetization and the SG spin rotatability at the interface, hard to be detected experimentally, have proven to play crucial roles. This paper elucidates the weak anisotropy dependence of SG magnetic properties, and predicts that the SG features can be tunable at will by precisely controlling the magnetic parameters. © 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd.