Speech recognition technology applied to intelligent mobile navigation system

Research paper by Wang Mi, Guo Bingxuan, Li Deren, Gong Jianya

Indexed on: 01 Dec '02Published on: 01 Dec '02Published in: Geo-spatial Information Science


The capability of human-computer interaction reflects the intelligent degree of mobile navigation system. The navigation data and functions of mobile navigation system are divided into system commands and non-system commands in this paper. And then a group of speech commands are abstracted. This paper applies speech recognition technology to intelligent mobile navigation system to process speech commands and does some deep research on the integration of speech recognition technology with mobile navigation system. The navigation operation can be performed by speech commands, which makes human-computer interaction easy during navigation. Speech command interface of navigation system is implemented by Dutty ++ Software, which is based on speech recognition system-Via Voice of IBM. Through navigation experiments, navigation can be done almost without keyboard, which proved that human-computer interaction is very convenient by speech commands and the reliability is also higher.