Spectroscopic study of the envelopes of the novae V2467 Cyg and V2491 Cyg

Research paper by T. N. Tarasova

Indexed on: 11 May '14Published on: 11 May '14Published in: Astronomy Reports


Spectrophotometric observations are used to study the envelopes of the FeII nova V2467 Cyg and the HeN nova V2491 Cyg. The abundances of several elements in the nova envelopes and the envelope masses are estimated. The nitrogen mass abundance in the V2467 Cyg envelope is higher than the solar value by a factor of 186 and the oxygen abundance by the factor of 10. The nitrogen abundance in the envelope of V2491 Cyg exceeds the solar value by a factor of 56, the oxygen abundance by a factor of 12, and the neon abundance by a factor of 8. The masses of the envelopes were estimated to be 8.5×10−5M⊙ for V2467 Cyg and 1.5×10−5M⊙ for V2491 Cyg. These envelope elemental abundances and masses are in good agreement with those of low-mass CO white dwarfs (0.8 M⊙) and ONe white dwarfs (1.15 M⊙).