Spectral Statistics of Lattice Graph Structured, Non-uniform Percolations

Research paper by Stephen Kruzick, José M. F. Moura

Indexed on: 06 Jan '17Published on: 06 Jan '17Published in: arXiv - Computer Science - Numerical Analysis


Design of filters for graph signal processing benefits from knowledge of the spectral decomposition of matrices that encode graphs, such as the adjacency matrix and the Laplacian matrix, used to define the shift operator. For shift matrices with real eigenvalues, which arise for symmetric graphs, the empirical spectral distribution captures the eigenvalue locations. Under realistic circumstances, stochastic influences often affect the network structure and, consequently, the shift matrix empirical spectral distribution. Nevertheless, deterministic functions may often be found to approximate the asymptotic behavior of empirical spectral distributions of random matrices. This paper uses stochastic canonical equation methods developed by Girko to derive such deterministic equivalent distributions for the empirical spectral distributions of random graphs formed by structured, non-uniform percolation of a D-dimensional lattice supergraph. Included simulations demonstrate the results for sample parameters.