Spectral set functions and scalar operators

Research paper by Igor Kluvánek, Werner J. Ricker

Indexed on: 01 Jun '93Published on: 01 Jun '93Published in: Integral Equations and Operator Theory


A systematic study is made of continuous linear operators approximable (in certain topologies) by linear combinations of projections from the range of a spectral set function. Such operators may be viewed as natural analogues of the scalar-type spectral operators introduced by N. Dunford. We extend the classical theory so that the range of the spectral set function, necessarily a Boolean algebra of continuous projection operators, need not be uniformly bounded; it is this feature which gives the theory its wider range of applicability. Typically, the associated operational calculus, which is specified via a suitable integration process, is no longer related to a continuous homomorphism but merely to a certain kind of sequentially closed homomorphism.