Spectral Properties of Plasma Waves in Periodic Plasma-Filled Structures

Research paper by G. I. Zagina>ilov

Indexed on: 04 Jul '13Published on: 04 Jul '13Published in: Plasma Physics Reports


The dispersion properties and field distribution of plasma waves in a periodic plasma-filled waveguide are correctly analyzed for the first time with allowance for all spatial harmonics. It is shown that the plasma wave spectrum has a zonal structure and a lower cutoff frequency. The widths of the forbidden bands and the lower cutoff frequency are determined by the waveguide corrugation depth. For a planar periodic plasma-filled waveguide, the allowed and forbidden frequency bands are evaluated analytically. The waveguide periodicity substantially influences the field of the plasma waves at frequencies close to the forbidden bands. This leads to the formation of regions in which the energy density of plasma waves exceeds the average level by more than one order of magnitude. This effect is related to the contribution from the higher spatial harmonics.