Spectral Observations of BIG Objects. III

Research paper by A. M. Mickaelian

Indexed on: 01 Jul '04Published on: 01 Jul '04Published in: Astrophysics


Results of spectral observations of 66 objects from the BIG (Byurakan IRAS Galaxies) sample made with the 1.93 m telescope at the Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP, France) are presented. Emission lines are observed from 64 of the galaxies. The red shifts are determined, the radial velocities, distances, and absolute stellar magnitudes are calculated, the spectrum line parameters are determined, diagnostic diagrams are constructed, the objects are classified according to activity type, and their IR and far-IR luminosities are calculated. Of the 66 objects (corresponding to 61 IRAS sources), 6 are Sy2, 2 are LINERs, 8 are AGN (Sy2 or LINER), 10 are composite, 34 are HII, and 4 are Em of undetermined type. It is calculated that IRAS 07479+7832= BIG d141a is a ultraluminous IR galaxy (ULIG), and 21 are LIG. Spectra of several of the galaxies being studied are presented.