Spectral evidence of type ii shock influence on razin-cutoff frequency in the decametric type iv continuum

Research paper by S. S. Degaonkar, H. W. Urbarz

Indexed on: 01 Apr '83Published on: 01 Apr '83Published in: Solar Physics


Bhonsle and Degaonkar (1980) have presented an evidence for the Razin-cutoff frequency in the dkm range of type IV continuum observed by the Ahmedabad spectroscope on 27 April, 1979. They explained this cutoff as due to the Razin effect in the coronal medium. From the broad-band spectrograph at Weissenau, covering 1000 to 30 MHz, additional information on the initial features of type IV is furnished here. This record also confirms the preceeding type II burst, the shock front of which was assumed to produce the quasiperiodicity observed at the lower cut off frequency by interaction with the type IV radiation source.