Spectral characterization of diffusion in porous media by the modulated gradient spin echo with CPMG sequence.

Research paper by Janez J Stepisnik, Samo S Lasic, Ales A Mohoric, Igor I Sersa, Ana A Sepe

Indexed on: 18 Jul '06Published on: 18 Jul '06Published in: Journal of Magnetic Resonance


Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill train of radiofrequency pulses applied to spins in the constant magnetic field gradient is an efficient variant of the modulated magnetic field gradient spin echo method, which provides information about molecular diffusion in the frequency-domain instead in the time-domain as with the two-pulse gradient spin echo. The frequency range of novel technique is broad enough to sample the power spectrum of displacement fluctuation in water-saturated pulverized silica (SiO(2)) and provides comprehensive information about the molecular restricted motion as well as about the structure of medium.