Speckle rotation decorrelation based single-shot video through scattering media.

Research paper by Yaoyao Y Shi, Youwen Y Liu, Wei W Sheng, Jiming J Wang, Tong T Wu

Indexed on: 28 Jan '20Published on: 06 Jun '19Published in: Optics express


Optical imaging and tracking moving objects through scattering media is a challenge with important applications. However, previous works suffer from time-consuming recovery process, object complexity limit, or object information lost. Here we present a method based on the speckle rotation decorrelation property. The rotational speckles detected at short intervals are uncorrelated and multiplexed in a single-shot camera image. Object frames of the video are recovered by cross-correlation deconvolution of the camera image with a computationally rotated point spread function. The near real-time recovery provides sharp object image frames with accurate object relative positions, exact movement velocity, and continuous motion trails. This multiplexing technique has important implications for a wide range of real-world imaging scenarios.