Special L-values of geometric motives

Research paper by Jakob Scholbach

Indexed on: 03 Aug '15Published on: 03 Aug '15Published in: Mathematics - Number Theory


This paper proposes a conjecture on special values of L-functions of geometric motives over Z. This includes L-functions of mixed motives over Q and Hasse-Weil zeta-functions of schemes over Z. We conjecture the following: the order of L(M, s) at s=0 is given by the negative Euler characteristic of motivic cohomology of $M^\vee(-1)$. Up to a nonzero rational factor, the L-value at s=0 is given by the determinant of the pairing of Arakelov motivic cohomology of M with the motivic homology of M. Under standard assumptions concerning mixed motives over Q, $F_p$, and Z, this conjecture is essentially equivalent to the conjunction of Soul\'e's conjecture about pole orders of zeta-functions of schemes over Z, Beilinson's conjecture about special L-values for motives over Q and the Tate conjecture over $F_p$.