Spatial filtering of the diffractional field of a double-exposure hologram of a focused scatterer image. Part II

Research paper by V. G. Gusev

Indexed on: 01 Oct '07Published on: 01 Oct '07Published in: Russian Physics Journal


Analysis is made of the interferometer sensitivity to transverse or longitudinal displacements of a diffusively scattering surface under double-exposure recording of a focused image hologram, where the distribution of the complex field amplitude results from two Fourier transforms of the distribution in the object plane. It is shown that in the case of transverse displacement of the scatterer, the interference patterns are localized in two planes, with each plane characterized by different interferometer sensitivity. In the case of control of the longitudinal displacement, the interference pattern is localized in one plane, however, in order to record it, it is necessary to perform spatial filtering of the diffraction field in the hologram plane.