Sorption thermodynamics of organic pollutants onto zeolitic tuff: Isosteric and standard enthalpy

Research paper by P. Vanore, E. Coppola, P. Iovino, V. Leone, S. Salvestrini, S. Capasso

Indexed on: 02 Dec '17Published on: 08 Sep '17Published in: Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology


The isotherms of sorption of six organic pollutants (benzyl alcohol, phenol, cyclohexanol, o-xylene, toluene and cyclohexane) from water solutions onto a zeolitic tuff (Si/Al ratio = 2.4) have been determined by batch experiments at 4; 14; 24 and 34C. Sorbitivity (amount of solute sorbed per unit dry mass sorbent at the equilibrium) was very low for all molecules tested, particularly so for the hydroxyl compounds. Comparison of Freundlich parameters and the values of isosteric and standard enthalpy as determined in the present study with analogous data for immobilized humic acid and humic acid-zeolite adducts confirms that the sorbing properties of the adducts are not the sum of its components.