Soret band shape indicates mTHPC distribution between β-cyclodextrins and serum proteins

Research paper by Ilya Yakavets, Igor Yankovsky, Lina Bezdetnaya, Vladimir Zorin

Indexed on: 09 Nov '16Published on: 08 Nov '16Published in: Dyes and Pigments


Fluorescence and absorbance characteristics of 5,10,15,20-tetra(m-hydroxyphenyl)chlorin (mTHPC) in several organic solutions and in complexes with various biological structures have been analyzed. A comparison of data showed that the most variable mTHPC spectral characteristic is the Soret band shape. The ratio of two Soret band peaks are strongly dependent on the kind of biological structure bound with the pigment molecule. It has been suggested, that the observed variations of Soret band shape are associated with conformational changes of mTHPC molecule, caused by the forced rotation of the aryl-substitutes. On the basis of Soret band shape variations, the spectral technique for noninvasive monitoring of mTHPC release from inclusion complex with β-cyclodextrin carriers in blood serum was developed.

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