Some Structural and Thermodynamic Aspects of Solvation of Single Ions. 2. Salt Effects in Aqueous Solutions of 1–1 Electrolytes

Research paper by V. I. Parfenyuk

Indexed on: 01 Nov '01Published on: 01 Nov '01Published in: Journal of Structural Chemistry


The ionic coefficients of the pair interionic interaction in aqueous solutions of 1–1 electrolytes at 298 K were determined from the real activity coefficients of single-charged single ions using the McMillan–Mayer formalism. Analysis of the results of calculations revealed that salt effects are stronger in the case of cations. The weakening of cation hydration (increased negative hydration) and the strengthening of anion hydration (increased positive hydration) enhance the mutual salting of cations and anions. It is shown that the structural effects of hydration produce a strong effect on the interionic interaction in solutions.