Some Results On Normal Homogeneous Ideals

Research paper by Les Reid, Leslie G. Roberts, Marie A. Vitulli

Indexed on: 21 Sep '02Published on: 21 Sep '02Published in: Mathematics - Commutative Algebra


In this article we investigate when a homogeneous ideal in a graded ring is normal, that is, when all positive powers of the ideal are integrally closed. We are particularly interested in homogeneous ideals in an N-graded ring generated by all homogeneous elements of degree at least m and monomial ideals in a polynomial ring over a field. For ideals of the first trype we generalize a recent result of S. Faridi. We prove that a monomial ideal in a polynomial ring in n indeterminates over a field is normal if and only if the first n-1 positive powers of the ideal are integrally closed. We then specialize to the case of ideals obtained by taking integral closures of m-primary ideals generated by powers of the variables. We obtain classes of normal monomial ideals and arithmetic critera for deciding when the monomial ideal is not normal.