[Somatic mutation detection in complete mitochondrial DNA of lung cancer patients].

Research paper by Lingling L Liu, Duanjun D Tan, Lee-Jun C LJ Wong

Indexed on: 20 Apr '04Published on: 20 Apr '04Published in: Zhongguo fei ai za zhi = Chinese journal of lung cancer


To detect the somatic mutations in complete mitochondrial genome and to investigate the role of mtDNA mutation in the tumorigenesis of lung cancer.DNA were extracted from sixteen lung cancer and corresponding normal tissues. The entire mitochondrial genome was amplified with 32 pairs of overlapping primers. mtDNA mutations were screened by temporal temperature gradient gel electrophoresis. mtDNA fragments showing different banding patterns between tumor and paracancerous tissues were sequenced to identify the exact mutations. The common 4 977 bp deletion was also analyzed in all sixteen tumor tissues as well as the matched paracancerous samples by PCR.Ten out of sixteen (62.5%) tumor tissues showed a total of 29 mutations. Half (5/10) of tumors with somatic mutation presented one mutation and the rests had multiple ones. Out of 29 mutations, 17 (58.62%) were in D-loop region, 2 (6.90%) in rRNA and 10 (34.48%) in mRNA. Among 10 mRNA mutations, 7 were silence and 3 were missense mutations. Five out of twenty-nine alterations were heteroplasmic to heteroplasmic change, one was homoplasmic to heteroplasmic and the remains (23/29, 79.3%) were homoplasmic to homoplasmic change. There were five common deletions found, two in tumor tissues and three in paracancerous tissues. There was no mitochondrial microsatellite instability, except for the short deletion or insertion in np303-309.The high incidence of mtDNA mutations found in patients with lung cancer suggests that mtDNA alterations might play an important role in tumorigenesis of lung cancer. Further studies should be needed to determine the pathological effects of somatic mtDNA mutations in lung cancer.