Solution of the spectral problem for the curl and Stokes operators with periodic boundary conditions

Research paper by R. S. Saks

Indexed on: 01 Jul '06Published on: 01 Jul '06Published in: Journal of Mathematical Sciences


In this paper, we establish relations between eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the curl operator and Stokes operator (with periodic boundary conditions). These relations show that the curl operator is the square root of the Stokes operator with ν = 1. The multiplicity of the zero eigenvalue of the curl operator is infinite. The space L2(Q, 2π) is decomposed into a direct sum of eigenspaces of the operator curl. For any complex number λ, the equation rotu + λu = f and the Stokes equation −ν(Δv + λ 2v) + ∇p = f, div v = 0, are solved. Bibliography: 15 titles.