Solute–solvent interactions in ethanol solutions of isosorbide dinitrate at 303 and 313 K according to ultrasonic and viscosity data

Research paper by Ritesh R. Naik, S. V. Bawankar

Indexed on: 15 Nov '15Published on: 15 Nov '15Published in: Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A


In the present study, ultrasonic velocity (υ), density (ρ), and viscosity (η) have been measured at frequency 1 MHz in the binary mixtures of Isosorbide dinitrate with ethanol in the concentration range (0.1 to 0.0125%) at 303 and 313 K. The measured value of density, ultrasonic velocity, and viscosity have been used to estimate the volumetric ultrasonic parameters, namely adiabatic compressibility (κ), relaxation time (τ), acoustic impedance (z), free length (Lf), free volume (Vf), and internal pressure (Πi),Wada’s constant (W), The obtained results support the complex formation, molecular association by intermolecular hydrogen bonding in the binary liquid mixtures.