Solitary structures with ion and electron thermal anisotropy

Research paper by Murchana Khusroo, Madhurjya P Bora

Indexed on: 29 Dec '15Published on: 29 Dec '15Published in: Physics - Plasma Physics


Formation of electrostatic solitary structures are analysed for a magnetised plasma with ion and electron thermal anisotropies. The ion thermal anisotropy is modelled with the help of the Chew-Goldberger-Low (CGL) double adiabatic equations of state while the electrons are treated as inertia-less species with an anisotropic bi-Maxwellian velocity distribution function. A negative electron thermal anisotropy $(T_{e\perp}/T_e{\parallel}>1)$ is found to help form large amplitude solitary structures which are in agreement with observational data.