Solar driven Stirling engine - chemical heat pump - absorption refrigerator hybrid system as environmental friendly energy system.

Research paper by Emin E Açıkkalp, Süheyla Yerel SY Kandemir, Mohammad H MH Ahmadi

Indexed on: 05 Dec '18Published on: 05 Dec '18Published in: Journal of Environmental Management


Aim of this paper is to present an alternative environmental friendly energy system consisting of solar driven Stirling Engine, chemical heat pump and absorption refrigeration system. Solar energy is the main energy source and waste heat is rejected by the Stirling engine is utilized by the chemical heat pump and absorption refrigerator. This system presents an alternative environmental friendly energy system that produces electricity, cooling and heating same time. A parametric research is conducted considering power output, energy efficiency and exergy destruction rate. Results are obtained numerically and discussed. According to the results, system operates most efficiently at the high temperature ratio of the working fluids of the Stirling engine and high collector surface temperature. Maximum power output is 9.463 kW, maximum energy efficiency of the hybrid system is 0.337. Comparing these results with Stirling engine, maximum power output of the hybrid system increases 14% and energy efficiency increases 13% for the hybrid system. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.