Solar cycle variations of cosmic ray intensity and large-scale structure of the heliosphere

Research paper by Sant P. Agrawal

Indexed on: 01 Feb '83Published on: 01 Feb '83Published in: Space Science Reviews


This review summarizes some of the recent results obtained by ground-based detectors recording cosmic-ray intensity at high energies (>1 GeV) for almost five decades. The long-term changes observed in the isotropic and anisotropic components of cosmic-ray intensity are presented. It is noted in particular that significant changes occurred in the characteristics of cosmic-ray modulation after the 1969–70 period. Most of these are definitively related to the reversal of the solar poloidal field; their characteristics are described with a view to relate these with the heliospheric configuration. Anomalies in the variational characteristics of both isotropic and anisotropic parts of cosmic ray intensity, noticed particularly during the period of very high speed solar wind streams, are discussed in detail. Phenomena with periodicities of 11 and 22 years occur simultaneously; their relative importance is derived and related to interplanetary variables. Suggestions for further studies, as needed, are also incorporated.