Socio-psychological basis of abdominal pain in children

Research paper by M. V. Singh, S. Gupta, H. C. Agrawal

Indexed on: 01 Feb '72Published on: 01 Feb '72Published in: The Indian Journal of Pediatrics


Forty-eight children with psychogenic pain in the abdomen were studied to identify socio-psychological factors involved in it. The techniques employed in the study were: quasi-structured clinical interview, intelligence testing and socio-economic status scale. Suitable statistical techniques were applied in the analysis of the data. The maximum number of children came from the socio-economic status class IV. The age of onset was from 5 to 12 years. Various precipitating factors were elicited. Faulty parental attitudes were noted in most of the cases. The worst hit children were: the eldest, the second born, the lone and the youngest in the family. Intelligence varied from the dull borderline to above average. No specific personality structure emerged. The various school difficulties faced by these children were also noted.