Social media-based systems: an emerging area of information systems research and practice

Research paper by Gohar Feroz Khan

Indexed on: 25 Aug '12Published on: 25 Aug '12Published in: Scientometrics


This article presents a review of the social media-based systems; an emerging area of information system research, design, and practice shaped by social media phenomenon. Social media-based system (SMS) is the application of a wider range of social software and social media phenomenon in organizational and non-organization context to facilitate every day interactions. To characterize SMS, a total of 274 articles (published during 2003–2011) were analyzed that were classified as computer science information system related in the Web of Science data base and had at least one social media phenomenon related keyword—social media; social network analysis; social network; social network site; and social network system. As a result, we found four main research streams in SMS research dealing with: (1) organizational aspect of SMS, (2) non-organizational aspect of SMS, (3) technical aspect of SMS, and (4) social as a tool. The results indicates that SMS research is fragmented and has not yet found way into the core IS journals, however, it is diverse and interdisciplinary in nature. We also proposed that unlike the conventional and socio-technical IS where information is bureaucratic, formal, bounded within the intranet, and tightly controlled by organizations; in the SMS context, information is social, informal, boundary-less (i.e. boundary is within the internet), has less control, and more sharing of information may lead to higher value/impact.