SO(2,1) Covariant IIB Superalgebra

Research paper by Mitsuko Abe, Machiko Hatsuda, Kiyoshi Kamimura, Takashi Tokunaga

Indexed on: 26 Mar '99Published on: 26 Mar '99Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We propose a type IIB super-Poincare algebra with SO(2,1) covariant central extension. Together with SO(2,1) and SO(9,1) generators, a SO(2,1) triplet (momenta), a Majorana-spinor doublet (supercharges) and a Rarita-Schwinger central charge generate a group, G. We consider a coset G/H where H=(SO(2) x Lorentz), and the SL(2,R) 2-form doublet is obtained by the coset construction. It is shown that U(1) connections, whose strengths are associated with 2-forms, are recognized as coordinates of the enlarged space. We suggest that this is the fundamental algebra governing the superstring theories which explains the IIB SL(2,R) duality and geometrical origin of U(1) fields.