Snoring - the role of the laryngologist in diagnosing and treating its causes

Research paper by E Dzieciolowska-Baran, A Gawlikowska-Sroka, F Czerwinski

Indexed on: 07 Dec '09Published on: 07 Dec '09Published in: European journal of medical research


According to various data, snoring may affect about 2 billion people worldwide, with about 8 million adult people in Poland being estimated to snore. Apart from being disturbing for other people, it brings about a measurable risk for the patient, which results from transient anoxia. As a consequence, it may increase the risk of arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke and impotency, as well as mental disturbances like depression or anxiety states. The physician a snoring patient may consult in the first instance is the laryngologist. He determines whether upper airway obturation (in contrast to central sleep apnea) is dealt with, and takes a decision about treatment method, or redirects the patient to another specialist. In this paper, the position of a laryngologist in the diagnosis and treatment of snoring is presented. The material consisted of patients presenting with this problem at the otolaryngology department. The proceedings with patients in the admission office setting were described as well as qualification methods for further medical and operative treatment. A review of the applied procedures was made, in particular allowing for the most recent therapeutic methods.