Smoking habits of students of nursing: a questionnaire survey (2004-2006).

Research paper by Daniel D Fernandez, Vicente V Martin, Antonio José AJ Molina, José Manuel JM De Luis

Indexed on: 15 Jun '10Published on: 15 Jun '10Published in: Nurse Education Today


To determine changes in the prevalence of tobacco use among students of nursing and associated factors.The prevalence and distribution of smokers among nursing students varies according to the country and period of study.Transversal descriptive study by self-answered questionnaire. Eight hundred and fifty four subjects (94.9%) were questioned in the period 2004-2006.Twenty eight percent of the students declared themselves to be smokers. The habit began before the students started university. The tendency of prevalence by year of survey and by graduation year was downward. The students shown a low nicotine dependency according to Fagerström and little motivation to give up. The average age at the onset of consumption was 14.6 (1.8) years. From the logistical regression analysis, the model best explaining the prevalence of tobacco consumption included the variable of year surveyed and academic background, those coming from the baccalaureate showing a lesser prevalence and tendency to smoke.Tobacco consumption among students of health sciences was less than in the general population of the same age but high given their future profession. The tendency to smoke is decreasing and most started smoking before joining the university. We recommend an intensification of actions directed at teenagers and the promotion of anti-tobacco campaigns in universities.