Sliding wear behaviour of some Fe-, Co- and Ni-based metallic glasses during rubbing against bearing steel

Research paper by Braham Prakash, Ken’ichi Hiratsuka

Indexed on: 01 Mar '00Published on: 01 Mar '00Published in: Tribology Letters


The sliding wear behaviour of several compositions of Fe-, Co- and Ni-based metallic glasses have been studied while rubbing against AISI 52100 bearing steel under reciprocating-sliding conditions. The wear resistances of Fe-based metallic glasses and Ni-based metallic glass (MBF 50) have been found to be superior to that of the mating AISI 52100 bearing steel. The examination of worn surfaces indicates that the superior wear resistance of metallic glasses is not merely owing to their high hardness but it is determined by phenomena of material transfer vis-à-vis the mating material and the formation of protective oxide layers on the metallic-glass surface during sliding.