Sleepiness and sleep quality in patients with HIV infection.

Research paper by Tanja T Wibbeler, Doris D Reichelt, Ingo-W IW Husstedt, Stefan S Evers

Indexed on: 05 Jun '12Published on: 05 Jun '12Published in: Journal of Psychosomatic Research


Patients with HIV infection frequently complain of sleep disturbances and daytime sleepiness. Only few data on these problems evaluated by standardized measures is available.A sample of 180 consecutive patients with HIV infection referred to the internal and to the neurological HIV clinics at the University of Münster was enrolled in this study. The data were compared to a sample of 120 age- and sex-matched control subjects. We used the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), and the Beck's Depression Inventory (BDI). In addition, the clinical and immunological data of the patients were registered.All scores of the ESS, the PSQI, and the BDI were significantly increased in the HIV infected patients as compared to the control group. There were no significant correlations between any of the immune parameters and the scores. Only a higher BDI score was correlated with both the ESS score and the PSQI score.Patients with HIV infection and not using evavirenz show an increased daytime sleepiness and a decreased quality of sleep. These findings could not be related to the immunological state of the patients. The only specific factor influencing daytime sleepiness in HIV infected patients is probably treatment with HAART. The most important factor determining sleepiness and sleep quality in HIV infected patients is depression which was found to be independent from the immunological state and HAART of the patients.