Skyrmion Creation and Manipulation by Nano-Second Current Pulses.

Research paper by H Y HY Yuan, X R XR Wang

Indexed on: 05 Mar '16Published on: 05 Mar '16Published in: Scientific Reports


Easy creation and manipulation of skyrmions is important in skyrmion based devices for data storage and information processing. We show that a nano-second current pulse alone is capable of creating/deleting and manipulating skyrmions in a spin valve with a perpendicularly magnetized free layer and broken chiral symmetry. Interestingly, for an in-plane magnetized fixed layer, the free layer changes from a single domain at zero current to a Neel wall at an intermediate current density. Reverse the current polarity, the Neel wall changes to its image inversion. A properly designed nano-second current pulse, that tends to convert one type of Neel walls to its image inversion, ends up to create a stable skyrmion without assistance of external fields. For a perpendicularly magnetized fixed layer, the skyrmion size can be effectively tuned by a current density.