Site-selective oxygen isotope effect on the magnetic field penetration depth in underdoped Y$_{0.6}$Pr$_{0.4}$Ba$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta}$

Research paper by R. Khasanov, A. Shengelaya, E. Morenzoni, M. Angst, K. Conder, I. M. Savić, D. Lampakis, E. Liarokapis, A. Tatsi, H. Keller

Indexed on: 21 Aug '03Published on: 21 Aug '03Published in: Physics - Superconductivity


We report site-selective oxygen isotope ($^{16}$O/$^{18}$O) effect (OIE) measurements on the in-plane penetration depth $\lambda_{ab} $ in underdoped Y$_{0.6}$Pr$_{0.4}$Ba$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta}$, using the muon-spin rotation ($\mu$SR) technique. A pronounced OIE on the transition temperature $T_c$ as well as on $\lambda_{ab}^{-2}(0)$ was observed, which mainly arises from the oxygen sites within the superconducting CuO$_2$ planes (100 % within error bar). The values of the corresponding relative isotope shifts were found to be $T_c/T_c= -3.7(4)%$ and $\Delta\lambda^{-2}_{ab}(0)/\lambda^{-2}_{ab}(0)= -6.2(1.0)%$. Our results imply that in this compound the phonon modes involving the movement of planar oxygen are dominantly coupled to the electrons.