Sintering of Pt/Al2O3 reforming catalysts: EXAFS study of the behavior of metal particles under oxidizing atmosphere

Research paper by A. Borgna, F. Le Normand, T. Garetto, C. R. Apesteguia, B. Moraweck

Indexed on: 01 Sep '92Published on: 01 Sep '92Published in: Catalysis Letters


The effect of an oxidative atmosphere (300 °C) is studied on fresh and sintered unchlorinated naphtha reforming catalysts containing 0.6–1% Pt. The TPR profiles show that only one species is formed using our experimental conditions, regardless of the mean crystallite size of the metal particles. The structural information supplied by EXAFS compared with cuboctahedral particle modeling, implies that such species is a surface platinum oxide, the structure of which is close to that of PtO2, but largely distorted. This is true whether the catalyst is sintered or not.