Sinistrality and reduced longevity: reply to Coren and Halpern's replay.

Research paper by E E Lembessis, R R Fudin

Indexed on: 01 Apr '94Published on: 01 Apr '94Published in: Perceptual and motor skills


Coren and Halpern's response to Fudin, Renninger, Lembessis, and Hirshon's 1993 report of a nonsignificant difference in longevity between left-handed and right-handed baseball players contained errors of fact, theory, and omission. Especially disturbing is that they ignored the fact that our negative findings were found not only with parametric tests but with the same nonparametric tests that they had used. We defend our use of parametric tests given the particular data we analyzed, and we comment on the databases that we and Halpern and Coren considered and the results of studies of handedness and longevity.