Singularity categories of derived categories of hereditary algebras are derived categories

Research paper by Yuta Kimura

Indexed on: 15 Feb '17Published on: 15 Feb '17Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Representation Theory


We show that for the path algebra $A$ of an acyclic quiver, the singularity category of the derived category $\mathsf{D}^{\rm b}(\mathsf{mod}\,A)$ is triangle equivalent to the derived category of the functor category of $\underline{\mathsf{mod}}\,A$, that is, $\mathsf{D}_{\rm sg}(\mathsf{D}^{\rm b}(\mathsf{mod}\,A))\simeq \mathsf{D}^{\rm b}(\mathsf{mod}(\underline{\mathsf{mod}}\,A))$. This extends a result of Iyama-Oppermann for the path algebra $A$ of a Dynkin quiver. An important step is to establish a functor category analog of Happel's triangle equivalence for repetitive algebras.