Single step synthesis of Sr4V2O6Fe2As2: The blocking layer based potential future superconductor

Research paper by Anand Pal, Arpita Vajpayee, R. S. Meena, H. Kishan, V. P. S. Awana

Indexed on: 23 Jan '12Published on: 23 Jan '12Published in: Physics - Superconductivity


We report synthesis, structural details and transport measurements on Sr4V2O6Fe2As2. Namely the stoichiometric amounts of V2O5 + SrO2 + Sr + 2FeAs are weighed mixed, ground thoroughly and palletized in rectangular form in a glove box in high purity Ar atmosphere. The pellet is further sealed in an evacuated (10-5 Torr) quartz tube and put for heat treatments at 750 and 1150 0C in a single step for 12 and 36 hours respectively. Finally the quartz ampoule is allowed to cool naturally to room temperature. The as synthesized sample is black in color. The compound crystallized in P4/nmm space group with lattice parameters a = b = 3.925A and c = 15.870A. Also seen are some small impurity lines. The compound did not exhibit superconductivity but instead a spin density wave (SDW) like metallic step at around 175 K is seen in R(T) measurements