Single-step implementation of a multiple-target-qubit controlled phase gate without need of classical pulses

Research paper by Chui-Ping Yang, Qi-Ping Su, Feng-Yang Zhang, Shi-Biao Zheng

Indexed on: 17 Mar '14Published on: 17 Mar '14Published in: Quantum Physics


We propose a simple method for realizing a multiqubit phase gate of one qubit simultaneously controlling $n$ target qubits, by using three-level quantum systems (i.e., qutrits) coupled to a cavity or resonator. The gate can be implemented using one operational step and without need of classical pulses, and no photon is populated during the operation. Thus, the gate operation is greatly simplified and decoherence from the cavity decay is much reduced, when compared with the previous proposals. In addition, the operation time is independent of the number of qubits and no adjustment of the qutrit level spacings or the cavity frequency is needed during the operation.