Single Color Centers Implanted in Diamond Nanostructures

Research paper by Birgit J. M. Hausmann, Thomas M. Babinec, Jennifer T. Choy, Jonathan S. Hodges, Sungkun Hong, Irfan Bulu, A. Yacoby, M. D. Lukin, Marko Lončar

Indexed on: 21 Sep '10Published on: 21 Sep '10Published in: Physics - Materials Science


The development of materials processing techniques for optical diamond nanostructures containing a single color center is an important problem in quantum science and technology. In this work, we present the combination of ion implantation and top-down diamond nanofabrication in two scenarios: diamond nanopillars and diamond nanowires. The first device consists of a 'shallow' implant (~20nm) to generate Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers near the top surface of the diamond crystal. Individual NV centers are then isolated mechanically by dry etching a regular array of nanopillars in the diamond surface. Photon anti-bunching measurements indicate that a high yield (>10%) of the devices contain a single NV center. The second device demonstrates 'deep' (~1\mu m) implantation of individual NV centers into pre-fabricated diamond nanowire. The high single photon flux of the nanowire geometry, combined with the low background fluorescence of the ultrapure diamond, allows us to sustain strong photon anti-bunching even at high pump powers.