Simultaneous removal characteristics of ammonium and phenol by Alcaligenes faecalis strain WY-01 with the addition of acetate.

Research paper by Hu H Chen, Ying Y Wang, Yong-Kang YK Lv

Indexed on: 05 Aug '20Published on: 05 Aug '20Published in: Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering


In this study, simultaneous removal of ammonium plus phenol could be achieved by Alcaligenes faecalis strain WY-01 with the addition of acetate, although acetate delayed the phenol degradation, probably due to the delayed expression of phenol hydroxylase gene under the presence of acetate. Moreover, the successful expression of key enzyme genes in strain WY-01 provided some evidence to illustrate its metabolic pathways of ammonium and phenol under aerobic conditions. Furthermore, SEM was used to clarify the role of acetate in resisting phenol toxicity, and these results demonstrated that strain WY-01 has the ability to form cell flocs when sodium acetate is used as co-substrate for a high concentration of phenol, and these flocs could protect cells against the toxicity of phenol, further enhancing phenol degradation in a high concentration of phenol. All these will provide further insights into the efficacy of strain WY-01 for treating wastewater cocontaminated by ammonium and phenol.