Simultaneous partial purification of sterol ester hydrolase and lipase from rabbit pancreas

Research paper by Robert J. Morin

Indexed on: 01 Dec '72Published on: 01 Dec '72Published in: Lipids


Sterol ester hydrolase and lipase from rabbit pancreatic aqueous extracts were partially purified simultaneously by a rapid method consisting of an initial 50% ammonium sulfate precipitation, followed by chromatography with sodium taurocholate on a 10% agarose gel column (0.5 million exclusion limit), followed by precipitation of both enzymes with heparin and MnCl2. Sterol ester hydrolase was 39-fold purified and lipase 42-fold purified, as compared to the initial extract. The enzymes could be partially separated by a DEAE ion exchange procedure, and exhibited different quantitative responses to several activators and inhibitors.