Simultaneous Ionization-Detected Stimulated Raman and Visible-Visible-Ultraviolet Hole-Burning Spectra of Two Tryptamine Conformers.

Research paper by Nitzan N Mayorkas, Shay S Izbitski, Amir A Bernat, Ilana I Bar

Indexed on: 01 Mar '12Published on: 01 Mar '12Published in: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters


A key first step toward probing structures and interactions of individual conformers of isolated flexible molecules is uncovering their characteristic spectral signatures. Here, conformation-specific ionization-detected stimulated Raman (IDSR) and visible-visible-ultraviolet hole-burning spectra were measured simultaneously to determine the unique signatures of the two most stable conformers of tryptamine in the gas phase. These signatures together with the comparison of the IDSR spectra to the computationally predicted Raman spectra assisted in their characterization and structural identification. This new approach offers high selectivity and is foreseen to be an improved diagnostic tool for dissection of conformers of flexible molecules.